Ellen Alpsten: International Author & Journalist;
Creative, Content & Communications Consultant
TV & Radio Presenter 


Welcome to the homepage and the world of Ellen Alpsten, international bestselling author and journalist.
Ever since I grew up in the Kenyan Highlands - without TV and my brothers away at bording school - I liked telling good stories well (even though at the time only my cats and dogs would listen) as well as asking: what's new?

Often, the smallest spark fires up the imagination; a word develops into a story and then into a novel. I suppose the latest word for that is: content. But a leopard doesn't change it's spots; when it comes to creating catchy content I STILL like good stories well-told, as well as asking: what's new?

Luckily, there are a plethora of new, fascinating channels to do so: next to reading my so far 17 published novels and my many articles covering travel, food & wine, art and culture, more about my daily life, work, encounters and thoughts is to be found on my professional Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter.
Keep looking, listening, learning. Keep on loving and laughing.
Like that, life is fabulous!



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