Here the necessary facts: after my so-so A-levels I moved to Paris and deeply, profoundly fell in love with the city (who has ever not?). Then, after studying 2 years of French and German Law at the beautiful University of Cologne, I had to admit to myself that I would never make a sucessful, and more importantly: happy! lawyer.

Change is painful, butalso always a chance: I was lucky to be accepted by the "Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris", a French Grande Ecole. Three years of hard work and mind-opening encounters later, I left for London and my first employment as a Graduate Trainee in one of the world's foremost PR agencies, Hill& Knowlton. After rotating through their departments - work involved as divers assignments as sending an UFO up in the London skies and hitching a ride or prepapring the communication of introducing the Euro to the EU memberstates! - I finally stood by my true love: writing and editing.

When I joined Bloomberg German TV as a TV Producer and eventually TV- and Radio presenter, I had already obtained my first publishing contract. How? These were the days before the Internet developped it's full impact. I called them once a week, I sent postcards for Christmas, and finally, I simply flew to Frankfurt to have a meeting with my fabulous first publisher, Eichborn. Now, I had to write the book: I worked in Breakfast TV, so often would get up at 2 a.m. and was back home by noon, when I slept for three hours, went running in Hyde Park for one, and then set to work. The fact that I lived above a bar with live music until 1 am did not exactly help. I don't know how often I stormed down dressed in pyjamas and socks, shouting at them to turn the bloody music down! Oh, the glamour of it :-).

After the birth of my first son, I did not return to Bloomberg TV, but remember the days there fondly. Since then, I have published 17 novels & books as well as countless and still counting articles for many German and international newspapers and magazines, such as "VOGUE", "FINE Wein Magazin", "FAZ", "Spiegel Online", "Cicero" and the British "Standpoint", "Vantage", "DANTEMag" and "Conde Nast Traveller".

Here are a few of my favourite things, in no particular order...


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